Social Dummy Update v4.5 Released

May 20, 2018

The next version of Social Dummy has been released on the App Store!
If you do come across any bugs or crashes please get in touch to help me investigate and fix it them.



Majority of the app is now fully dynamic which fixes a TON of misalignments and overlapping elements.
Improved user experience explaining and showing more.


The MOST popular and requested feature is finally here. Now add up to 4 users from your library to make them have a chat with one another.


You can now create fake chats, change the colours and mark as saved or not.


Add comments to your videos in the YouTube account.


To exit an account just tap with two fingers anywhere whilst in an account to exit back to the home page.


In Twitter or Instagram, tap on the @ handle to go straight to the users profile - This works so long as a user with the same username exists in your user library. This has become the new way to show profiles.


Your privacy and data is very important. So I have changed how the app performs by what you allow the app have access too.
Camera is no longer required to use TimeFace. Everyone can now create custom contacts on the phone account (to a limit). Notifications are not presented to you immediately, only when it is needed. If you're concerned or interested about how your data and privacy is managed please review the privacy policy.


• WhatsApp is back!
• New account - Netflix!
• New Film Library.
• Fixed comments being deleted when edited post.
• User and Music Library - Now able to create new albums/users from within the mini modal.
• Tumblr - Image posts are back!
• Instagram - Images are square again and captions fully show.
• Instagram - Export posts moved to the 'bookmark' icon under each image.
• Instagram - Captions and Likes no longer required. You can just post a blank post.
• Instagram - Fixed captions showing in wrong posts.
• Instagram - Bio now fully shown.
• Messages & WhatsApp - Edit already sent messages. This includes changing text, date and switching between incoming/outgoing.
• Messages - Fixed crash when pressing ( i ) to screenshot entire chat.
• YouTube - Watched replaced with 'Amount Watched'.
• YouTube - Imported videos now fully work and saved locally to device.
• YouTube - Fixed thumbnail not being uploaded for new posts.
• YouTube - Video player only appears if video exists. No more black thumbnails.
• Twitter - Customise amount of replies. If left blank the app will count number of actual comments.
• Twitter - The 'compose' button on the detail page now works.
• Snapchat - Updated UI. Tap the image to show the snap otherwise will default to messages - As it is in the real app.
• Snapchat - Added snapstreak.
• Vine - Images now upload to the server and loads correctly.
• Global Account Pref. - Now able to select iOS stock wallpapers.
• Offline fixes and improvements.
• User Accounts renamed to User Library.
• User Library - Able to select default account avatars again.
• Passcode - REVAMPED. Also fixes some users having to enter their code in multiple times.
• News - Revamped and now supports showing images from Social Dummy's Instagram account.
• Revamped Store and onboarding screens.
• Moved Account Preferences to Settings.
• Moved Alt Icons into the side menu.
And the list goes on...


If you encounter any issues please get in contact via BEFORE you write a review. I am always happy to help solve any issues or problems you have.

I hope you enjoy this update! Now, off to work on an Android version...


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